Our Mission

We aim to attract inspirational, accomplished and passionate French speakers to share their understanding of contemporary challenges, within an ever more complex and fast-changing environment.

When? Between January 20th and April 3rd 2020


Where? The London School of Economics

________Houghton Street, Central London


What? Keynote or interview followed by Q&As 

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Event #1

“Insights on Sustainable Finance with Philippe Zaouati”

When? Tuesday, 28th January 2020 at 6pm
Where? Yangtze Theatre – 2nd Floor Central Building (CBG), LSE Campus
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A ‘quiet revolution’ is underway in the global financial system as its leaders wrestle with the implications of global sustainability.

How can finance make a positive impact? Does it need to become more sustainable in order to survive? How to reconcile impact and returns?

Get those questions answered, and many others, at the first event of the French Forum dedicated to Sustainable Finance! 
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The interview will be led by Dr Richard Perkins, Associate Professor of Environmental Geography at LSE. 


The rest of the program for our season 2020 will be announced shortly! 


French Forum Team

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Charline Uhl: C.Uhl@lse.ac.uk 

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Marine Gleizes: M.K.Gleizes@lse.ac.uk


LSESU French Society

Celestin Descamps: C.Descamps@lse.ac.uk

“Insights on Sustainable Finance with Philippe Zaouati”

Tuesday, 28th of January 2020 at 6pm in the Yangtze Theatre (2nd Floor CBG – LSE Campus)

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